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The petitioning U.S. entity must have a qualifying relationship with your entity abroad to make possible an Inter-company transfer visa. 


  • The new U.S. office must have a corporate relationship with your foreign entity abroad where you have been employed as a manager, executive, or worker with specialized knowledge.

  • This means that the new U.S. office must be a parent, affiliate, subsidiary or branch of the foreign entity, and that both the U.S. office and the foreign entity must continue to share common ownership and control. 


Some of the evidence you may submit to show that your new U.S. business has the requisite corporate relationship to your overseas employer includes:

  • Articles of incorporation showing common ownership of the U.S. and foreign entities.

  • Business licenses or other documents showing common ownership of the U.S. entity.

  • Annual reports describing the corporate structure.

  • Contracts or other documents detailing the affiliate relationship.

  • Corporate filings  in the United States or abroad describing the corporate relationship.

  • Any other evidence demonstrating ownership and control over the U.S. and foreign entities (i.e., stock purchase agreements, voting rights agreements, capitalization table, term sheet).


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L-1: Inter-Company Transfer Visa

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